Rhodolite Garnet Cocktail Ring


This rhodolite garnet cocktail ring knows how to make an entrance. Like staring into a fire, this exceptionally cut stone entrances and soothes. Take time out to just dream.

-certified recycled 14k rose gold
-handmade in Canada
-genuine rhodolite garnet
-free jewellery “emergency” care kit with purchase

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We have been waiting for the day that we make this rhodolite garnet cocktail ring. We’ve had this garnet in our inventory for a while. Once in a while we’d pull it out just to look into it and dream. We always knew it would make it would make an extraordinary ring one day, and that day has arrived!

Garnet in general is very rarely treated so the colour and clarity of garnet is all natural. It is a relatively soft stone with roughly the same hardness as glass. It’s best used in a pendant, earrings or cocktail (occasional wear) ring like this one.

Garnet is also the birthstone for January. While we have nothing against the traditional red garnet (usually referred to as a Mozambique garnet), we do find it’s over represented in traditional birthstone jewellery. Our goal is to offer something a little different!


Product Specifications:

Metal: Certified recycled 14k rose gold
Metal Weight: 4.64 grams
Size: 7 NOTE: it is possible to size this ring within one size either up or down
Width: 2.5mm at the top tapering to 2mm at the bottom
Centre Stone: 12.3×9.76mm oval rhodolite garnet, 5.16 total carats
Finish: High polished
Handmade in Canada

Care Instructions:

Gold does not tarnish so it’s not necessary to use commercial cleaners.

If a build up develops under the setting(s) resulting in the stones looking less brilliant, simply take a soft tooth brush, dip it in some warm soapy water and proceed to scrub away the dirt/build-up under the setting(s).

In addition to free cleaning and polishing for life you are also welcome to send/bring back your piece at any time for a complimentary assessment.

Over time a ring you wear every day will get small scratches developing into a lovely ‘worn’ polished patina. We encourage people to learn to love this burnished finish as constantly polishing your ring actually removes a tiny bit of metal each time.

Garnet is a relatively soft stone. This is a special occasion ring, not meant for everyday wear. It’s best not to wear this ring in a pool, spa or hot tub to prevent exposure to harsh chemicals.

Jewellery Emergency Care Kit Contents:

– Cleaning Cloth: this cloth will remove tarnish from sterling silver jewellery. Simply wipe effected areas. Wash your hands after use.
– Extra Sterling Silver Jump Rings: when one of the jump rings on your necklace breaks or opens you can use one of these as a
replacement. Use pliers or tweezers to twist open the ring, attach it to your chain, then use the pliers or tweezers to twist close again.
– Plastic Earring Backs: we all lose the backings to our earrings. Use these plastic backings as temporary replacements until you can
replace the metal ones.
– Extra Plastic Bags: store your sterling silver jewellery in these zip lock bags to prevent your jewellery from tarnishing.
– Cleaning Cloth: this cloth will remove tarnish from sterling silver jewellery. Simply wipe effected areas. Wash your hands after use.

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