Coffee and Cream Bracelet


For the coffee lover who prefers a decadent dollop of cream with their coffee. The rich softness of the pearls contrasts perfectly with the bold bean creating a classic pairing, a coffee and cream bracelet.

  • certified recycled sterling silver
  • handmade in Canada
  • coffee bean is 5 grams of solid sterling silver
  • free jewellery “emergency” care kit with purchase


For the coffee lover! I, of course, count myself among them. The history of this coffee and cream bracelet goes back to my days at George Brown College. I had decided to create a production line of coffee bean jewellery but, because there are no short cuts in school, I had to carve my coffee beans from scratch out of wax rather than simply casting a real coffee bean. My jewellery career has come a long way since those days but my coffee bean line has proved an enduring favourite with my clients!

Product Specifications:

    • Metal: Certified recycled sterling silver
    • Pearls: Genuine freshwater pearls measuring between 8.5 to 9mm in diametre
    • Metal Weight: Bean weighs 5 grams
    • Clasp: Lobster clasp fastening
    • Bracelet Length: 8″ long including clasp
    • Bean Length: 10mm
    • Bean Width: 6mm
    • Finish: High polish
    • Handmade in Canada

Care Instructions:

    • Store in an airtight ziploc bag to prevent tarnish (included with purchase).
    • Sterling silver may tarnish if the piece is stored away and not worn for a while. To remove built up tarnish use the anti-tarnish cloth to rub it off (included with purchase). NOTE: Do not rub the cloth in the centre of the coffee bean as it will remove the blackened area that has been purposely oxidized. Also, ensure the cloth does not come into contact with the pearls.
    • Clean pearls with a dampened cloth only and let dry.
    • Follow the best practice for pearls which is “last on, first off” meaning put them on last after getting ready for the day and take them off first at the end of the day.
    • Do not wear in a pool, spa or hot tub as the chemicals may cause the silver to tarnish and they are too harsh for the pearls.
    • It would also be wise to remove the bracelet before performing any strenuous activity and before bed.

Jewellery Emergency Care Kit Contents:

    • Cleaning Cloth: this cloth will remove tarnish from sterling silver jewellery. Simply wipe effected areas. Wash your hands after use.
    • Extra Sterling Silver Jump Rings: when one of the jump rings on your necklace breaks or opens you can use one of these as a replacement. Use pliers or tweezers to twist open the ring, attach it to your chain, then use the pliers or tweezers to twist close again.
    • Plastic Earring Backs: we all lose the backings to our earrings. Use these plastic backings as temporary replacements until you can replace the metal ones. 
    • Extra Plastic Bags: store your sterling silver jewellery in these zip lock bags to prevent your jewellery from tarnishing.
    • Cleaning Cloth: this cloth will remove tarnish from sterling silver jewellery. Simply wipe effected areas. Wash your hands after use.


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