Asscher Cut Sapphire Stud Earrings


Embrace the duality inside all of us! Rock the mismatched earring trend with these Montana sapphire stud earrings which are slightly different shades of green.

-certified recycled 14k white gold
-handmade in Canada
-genuine Montana sapphires
-free jewellery “emergency” care kit with purchase

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The sapphires found in Montana are often multi-hued, mixes of colour. They are sought after not only because of their colour but also because of their known origin. This pair shows the range in the shades of green available in Montana sapphires. From soft, blue-green to vibrant, yellow-green.

The type of cut used for these stones is called an asscher cut. An asscher cut is similar to an emerald cut but, instead of being rectangular, the stone is square. Asscher cuts were first developed in the early 20th century but fell off in popularity until seeing a resurgence in the early 21st century.

Product Specifications:

Metal: Certified recycled 14k white gold

Stone: Green Montana Sapphires

Metal Weight: 0.75 grams

Fastening: Butterfly fastening for pierced ears

Stone Dimensions: 4mm each, @ 0.50 total carat weight

Finish: High polish

Handmade in Canada

Care Instructions:

Gold does not tarnish so it’s not necessary to use commercial cleaners.

If a build up develops under the setting resulting in the stones looking less brilliant, simply take a soft tooth brush, dip it in some warm soapy water and proceed to scrub away the dirt/build-up under the setting.


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