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First things first. If you are looking for matching wedding rings, we’ve got you covered. From super simple to very detailed, we can help. In many cases we can have your rings ready for you, just the way you want them, in less than two weeks.

For now, all of the matching ring sets we make are custom made. We are planning to launch our very own made to order line in the near future. But, if you’re looking to get your matching wedding rings soon, please get in touch.

Do Wedding Rings Need to Match?

The short answer is no. There are no rules these days! In our experience, most couples get rings that do not match exactly. We do, however, find that couples desire their rings to be complementary in some way.

Traditional Matching Wedding Rings

Traditionally, couples did get matching wedding rings. The most traditional of all traditional matching wedding rings would be a half round ring 3-5mm wide in 18k or 22k yellow gold. Both rings being the same in every respect except ring size.

As time went on wedding ring sets offered more variety. Rather than having two of the exact same ring, it became common for the rings to be different gauges, ie: one ring being wider than the other.

Complimentary Wedding Rings

Many couples do desire their wedding rings to have some symmetry between them. Individual style and comfort preferences can mean that each partner prefers a very different style of ring. In these cases it is still possible to create a wedding ring set that is complimentary although not identical.

We have solved this problem for our clients in many different ways. For example, you could create two rings of different styles but make them in the same metal. Or, we have soldered in a tiny piece of one ring inside the ring of the other partner and vice versa. They can also be tied together with the same message engraved on the inside.

Unique Matching Wedding Rings


Sometimes what complicates the idea of having matching wedding rings is that there is a desire to also match an existing engagement ring. Perhaps the idea of matching the engagement ring with a more traditional style wedding band seems incompatible. But that’s what custom design is for! We can help to create a matching set that will both compliment an engagement ring and also have shared elements.

What’s the Next Step?

Not sure where to start? Send us all of your questions, we love talking jewellery! The key questions to ask yourselves are these:

  1. What will I find comfortable?
  2.  What design appeals to me?
  3.  What kind of shared elements would I like the rings to have?

Ultimately, the choice of a wedding ring is a personal preference. But we know that you’ll want to make informed decisions about the ring your are going to wear for the rest of your life. Let us know if we can help guide you through the process, we’re here to help.


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    Suzanne Co-Owner
    Suzanne is one of the founders of Posy Fine Jewellery. She received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Anthropology from the University of Toronto before training as a goldsmith at George Brown College.


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