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Collectively, all of us here at Posy have been around long enough to see many engagement ring trends come and go. Around 15 years ago it was all about white gold, princess cut diamonds and bold, chunky designs. Now, we’re seeing a resurgence of yellow and rose golds as well as “fancy” shaped diamonds such as oval and pear. So how do you know if the hot new style is the right one for you?

In general, we find that many of our clients are actually concerned about NOT making a decision based on trends. There is a good reason for this, an engagement ring is meant to be worn for a lifetime. It is important to consider how you will feel about your ring ten or fifteen years from now.

So how do you know if you’re drawn to a style because it’s “trendy” or if you’re drawn to it because it really speaks to you? Honestly, the question may be the answer. If you are asking the question it means there is some doubt in your mind and it’s best to explore all of the options before making a decision.

How do you Explore the Options?

The best way is to try on different kinds of engagement rings. First, start with the designs you are drawn to and see how you feel about them. We’ve all been in that situation where we see something online that we love but when we go to try it on, it doesn’t quite work for us. Give yourself time to explore, you may surprise yourself!

What are Some of the Recent Engagement Ring Trends?


Toi et Moi Engagement Rings

A Toi et Moi engagement ring is a ring that features two gemstones rather than one. Hence the “Toi” (you) and “Moi” (me). It has been said to originate with the engagement ring Napoleon gave Josephine to symbolize their partnership. They have regained popularity due to the recent engagement rings of some well known celebrities.

Sometimes the gemstones will be of the same type and size, or sometimes they will be different. Sometimes they will be set on a bypass band (the bands of the ring slightly “bypass” each other) and sometimes they may be set right beside each other in a traditional ring.


Dainty Engagement Rings

Very fine, dainty engagement rings have also been very popular in recent years. Quite often they will also have a vintage inspired feel. We’ve found many of our clients asking for very thin ring bands, fine claws and minimal amounts of metal.

While we can appreciate this aesthetic, it is also important to remember than your engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime. It must be able to endure the bumps and tussels of everyday life. The metal of your engagement ring will wear over time. This is especially true of the claws or prongs holding in your gemstones. If these claws get worn away, your stone will fall out.

It is important to incorporate a certain amount of metal in your engagement ring, right from the start, so that we can be confident of in its structural integrity. We feel that is it important to always be open and transparent with our clients about any potential issues. This way you can make an informed decision.


Teal Sapphire Engagement Rings

The popularity of teal sapphire engagement rings can be directly attributed to the raise in popularity of sapphires from Montana. Although teal sapphires come from many parts of the world, the sapphires in Montana are very often a beautiful teal colour.

We have found that the colour teal is really rather subjective. Some of our clients prefer a greenish-blue teal and others a blueish-green teal. If you are interested in teal sapphires it would be helpful to ask yourself which shade of teal you prefer. Keep in mind that the colour and saturation of the stone may change depending on the light. Teal sapphires (and many other shades of sapphire to) will look different in indoor light versus outdoor light.

Alternative Diamond Engagement Rings

We have seen an explosion in alternative diamond engagement rings recently. But what is meant by alternative diamond?

Alternative diamonds may include: salt & pepper diamonds, rustic diamonds, rose cut diamonds and portrait cut diamonds. What they all have in common is that they are non-traditional diamonds. Whereas the traditional diamond is a clear, white, round, facetted stone, non-traditional diamonds may feature inclusions (salt & pepper), be opaque (some rustic diamonds), have a rose cut (a very old method of cutting) or portrait cuts (a very new style of cutting that is very thin).

But What if I do want to Re-Make my Engagement Ring One Day?

Here’s the good news. Gold and gemstones can always be repurposed to create something else. Over the years we have helped countless people reuse their engagement rings to create a new ring. We’ve seen everything from fine, antique rings to bold, modern designs and are able to repurpose them to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

So, do Engagement Ring Trends Matter?

The answer is, it’s complicated. Trends will no doubt have some influence on you, whether you embrace them, reject them or find yourself somewhere in the middle.

But it’s important to remember there is no right or wrong engagement ring style, there is only what appeals to you. Pay attention to how your ring makes you feel. The goal is that it will uplift you and make you smile. That’s all that matters.


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