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There are many options for creating custom wedding rings in Toronto. Why choose Posy? With years of experience designing and producing custom wedding rings, we take pride in our work and the relationships we develop with our clients. We will ensure that your wedding rings are produced to heirloom quality standards and also designed to your vision.

We also know that sometimes it can be intimidating to approach this process. It can be hard to know how much to budget for your wedding rings, especially if they are custom made. One thing you will find right away is that we are open and transparent about our process. We will always ensure that we present you with options that fit within your budget.

But don’t take our word for it! You can read many our client testimonials in the google reviews for Posy Fine Jewellery, Suzanne Crudden Jewellery and Carey Pearson Designs.

Custom wedding rings made in Toronto by centering you and your story.

Our welcoming approach is no pressure and focused on listening to you.

Why Choose Custom Wedding Rings?

There could be many reasons. Perhaps what you’re looking for just isn’t out there. Perhaps you have an engagement ring that requires a custom band to fit it. Or perhaps you’re looking for something truly special and unique for the ring you are going to wear everyday.

A wedding ring is the most symbolic item we wear. After the wedding day, the flowers will fade, the cake will get eaten, the photographs will be framed and put on the wall. Your wedding rings are the only items that you will carry forward with you and wear for the rest of your life. It’s certainly worth the effort to get what you want and ensure they are of heirloom quality to stand the test of time.

Custom wedding rings offer many benefits, including:

  • The Option to Personalize: Use the metal type and gemstones that you want, not having to settle for what’s in the stores.
  • The Option to Add Symbolism Reuse family gold or add personal motifs that are unique to your relationship.
  • The Perfect Fit: Your ring will be made exactly to your finger size, and also take into consideration how it will fit with an existing engagement ring.
  • A Unique Story: The story of your custom wedding ring become embedded in the larger story of your life together.

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Our Design Process

The custom process is a collaboration, we work closely with you to create your perfect rings. Here’s how it works:

  1. Consultation: We’ll sit down with you to understand your vision, preferences, and budget.
  2. Quotes: From the consultation we will refine the options and present you with quotes.
  3. Design: Once the quote is approved we will further develop and refine the design until it is exactly what you want.
  4. Production: We get to work creating your rings in precious metals and gemstones (if applicable) using skilled craftmanship.
  5. Fitting and Finished: When the rings are ready we will ensure the rings fit perfectly before you leave so everything is ready for the big day!

Our commitment to you

Just as you are making a commitment, we are also making a commitment to you. All of our custom wedding rings come with complimentary cleaning, polishing and assessments and free ring re-sizing within one size.

All of our rings come elegantly packaged in a high quality ring box with a cardboard box.

Custom Wedding Rings and Reusing Heirloom Jewellery


This is our philosophy and the motivation for all of our work. We know the true value of jewellery is its sentimental value, not its material value.

We are one of the only jewellers in Toronto who offer the option to reuse jewellery and have many years of experience in this specialty. The process to reuse jewellery is more labour intensive and can increase the risk of potential complications. Some may take in your gold for credit but that only reflects the material value. We know that it is important for both sentimental and environmental reasons to, when possible, physically reuse the same metal.

Some Recent Examples of our Custom Wedding Rings

Explore our gallery of custom wedding rings for inspiration. For more examples, check out our instagram.

How to Prepare for your Complimentary Consultation

We offer complimentary custom wedding ring consultations in person, virtually and over the phone. There are a few ways that you can prepare for this consultation including:

  • determining if you would like your wedding rings to match
  • searching out some inspiration photos
  • deciding if you need a contouring wedding ring to fit around your engagement ring setting
  • if you would like your wedding ring to be a substantial ring when worn on its own or if it will always be worn with an engagement ring
  • if you would like to have gemstones or not
  • the need for potential sizing down the road (eternity rings and alternative metal rings cannot be sized)
  • your ring size (if you know, if not we will be able to size you)
  • if you have any skin sensitivities or allergies

Start the Process!

We’re proud to have contributed to countless love stories through our custom wedding rings, and we’d love to do the same for you.

If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact form below.  Or if you’re ready to book a consultation you can use our calendar link to schedule a time that works for you.

We can’t wait to be a part of your story and help you design your perfect custom wedding rings.

If you are looking for information on creating a custom engagement ring we do that too!

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