Have you ever wanted to ask a jeweller or goldsmith a question but worry there might be a catch?

Access our expertise, our over 30 years of collective experience and our knowledge as trained goldsmiths to answer your questions. No charge and no strings attached.

  • Looking for advice or a definition of a technical term?
  • Wondering what the 4C’s of diamonds are all about or the difference between 14k and 18k gold?
  • Or maybe you’re just curious about how jewellery is made.

At Posy Fine Jewellery we believe that the meaning is the value, that the true value of jewellery is its sentimental value. It’s our goal to be helpful to, not only our community, but the community at large. We know that sometimes the jewellery industry can seem opaque or confusing. That’s why we want to answer your questions with no obligations, no sales pitches, that is our promise.

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