We are engagement ring designer goldsmiths creating heirloom quality fine engagement rings. All of our rings are designed with beauty, durability and comfort in mind. All of the metals we use are recycled and ethically sourced. We also use a wide selection of natural gemstones, conflict-free diamonds and lab created diamonds & gemstones.

The origin of our company name comes from the tradition of posy rings. From the late middle ages through to the Victorian era posy rings were popular expressions of love and friendship. The word “posy” comes from the French “poesie” or poem. This is because posy (also spelled poesy, posie or posey) rings had inspirational messages of love or friendship engraved within them.

This idea of the posy ring, that jewellery has a personal and symbolic connection between two people, is the starting place for all of our engagement ring designs. We also bring this focus to our custom engagement ring projects.

Our mission

Our goal is to cut through the online clutter to provide our clients with the very best service and quality in the time-honoured tradition of the local Goldsmith/Jeweller.

Every day we go to work and create heirloom quality jewellery. It is our love and our passion. As skilled professionals with over 30 years of collective goldsmithing experience, you will have our whole team engaged in your purchase or project.

Our Philosophy

“The Meaning is the Value”

We feel that the true value of jewellery is its sentimental value, not its material value. Heirloom jewellery has a personal and symbolic connection between people and generations.

These personal relationships and symbolic connections are intertwined in the history of our trade. We are honoured to continue in the tradition of goldsmith’s of the past in working with our customers and clients to create jewellery pieces invested with the deep beauty that is found with deep meaning.

It is important to us that, as the producers of such important heirloom pieces, we make this process as easy, fun and transparent as possible for all of our customers and clients.


Considering a custom piece?

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