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Posy Fine Jewellery & Engagement Rings

We specialize in heirloom quality fine jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings thoughtfully designed with beauty, meaning, durability and comfort in mind. All of the metals we use are recycled and ethically sourced. We also use a wide selection of natural gemstones, conflict-free diamonds and lab grown diamonds & gemstones. With over 30 years of collective experience, we are your trusted, neighbourhood jeweller. Our services include all of those you would expect of your traditional goldsmith.

Our Mission: To Center You and Your Story

We know that sometimes it might feel intimidating to walk into a fine jewellery store. Our philosophy is that the true value of jewellery is its sentimental value, not its material value. Because of this philosophy, our mission is to center you and your story through the meaning of your piece. We find that the process becomes a lot less intimidating and a lot more uplifting when the meaning is centered in this way.

This is also how we approach our ready made collections. Many of our pieces have a deep meaning behind their inspiration. A meaning we hope you will also connect to and appreciate.

It could also be said that our goal is to provide you with a warm welcome and offer our clients the very best service and quality in the time-honoured tradition of the local goldsmith and jeweller. Whether your budget is large or small, whether you just need a quick repair or high end custom piece, all are welcome. It is important to us that your time spent with us is as easy, fun and transparent as possible. 

The Meaning is the Value.

This is our philosophy and the motivation for all of our work. We know the true value of jewellery is its sentimental value, not its material value.

We are one of the only jewellers in Toronto who offer the option to reuse jewellery and have many years of experience in this specialty. The process to reuse jewellery is more labour intensive and can increase the risk of potential complications. Some may take in your gold for credit but that only reflects the material value. We know that it is important for both sentimental and environmental reasons to, when possible, physically reuse the same metal. 


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What’s in a Name?

The origin of our company name comes from the tradition of posy rings. From the late middle ages through to the Victorian era posy rings were popular expressions of love and friendship. The word “posy” comes from the French “poesie” or poem. This is because posy (also spelled poesy, posie or posey) rings had inspirational messages of love or friendship engraved within them.

We felt this was the perfect name to mirror our philosophy that the meaning is the value. Just as the meaning of the original posy ring was their true value, the same is true for the modern rings and fine jewellery we create for our clients.

Proudly Made in Toronto, Canada

with the Support of Other Small, Local Businesses.